Your business is different than others’ in your industry or profession. Traditional marketing won’t work for you. Your audience gets jazzed about unique points of contact and they like to think ahead of the curve.
Extraordinary Thinking
for Extraordinary Brands
“According to The Nielsen Company, global consumers spent more than five and half hours on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter in December 2009, an 82% increase from the same time last year. U.S. growth in average time person on Facebook and Twitter outpaces growth of overall category, increasing 200% and 368% respectively.” – NielsenWire

Marketing for Mavericks

Promote Your Page Too
If you have the edge in your category - then have an edge in promoting your brand. Find roads less traveled. Discover new customers through relationship-building, not by making cold calls.

Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, are just two ways of planting your brand in the mind of a customer. And now we specialize in video production for social media platforms, like YouTube.

Allow Marketing for Mavericks to be your marketing “guide.” We’ll help you explore a whole universe of possibilities. And along with you, build a marketing plan that is unique as your product.